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The Executive Committee of the Arctic Ungulate Society met in Yellowknife, 24. August 2011, with the following delegates:

Norway: A. S. Blix (President) , ; Sweden: B. Åhman, ; Finland: M. Nieminen, ; Denmark: Not present; Greenland: C. Cuyler, ; Canada: J. Adamczewski, ; USA: P. Barboza, ; Russia: Did not show.

The meeting was called to order at 17:20 h.


Item 1: Editorial changes of the Statutes
The following editorial changes of the Statutes were unanimously approved:
§ 2. The last sentence was deleted.
§ 3. The Executive Committee shall, in a closed meeting on the day before the closing of each AUC elect a President for a period of four years, and by simple ….. (the rest unchanged).
The amended Statutes are appended to the minutes.

Item 2: The next organizer of the AUC-2015.
The Executive Committee unanimously accepted an offer from the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management and the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research to host the next AUC in Røros, Norway in August 2015 with acclamation.

Item 3: Election of President
The incumbent President for the last 12 years, Professor A.S. Blix wanted to step down, and Professor Birgitta Åhman from Sweden was unanimously elected President.

The Executive committee expressed its gratitude to the Canadian hosts for a well organized conference.

The meeting was closed at 17:40 h.

Arnoldus Schytte Blix