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The AUS was founded in Tromsø, 1999, to foster studies of Arctic Ungulates, particularly reindeer/caribou and muskoxen, through the continuation of the quadrannual Arctic Ungulate Conference (AUC).

The AUS is governed by an Executive Committee, consisting of one representative from USA, Canada, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Norway, elected by the respective delegations at the first day of each AUC.

The Executive Committee, shall, in a closed meeting on the day before the closing of each AUC elect a President for a period of four years, and, by simple majority choose the organizer of the next AUC from among those member nations which at the said meeting put forward an offer to do so.

The organizer-elect will be responsible for the archives of the AUC until a new organizer is elected.

These statutes may be amended at any meeting of the Executive Committee, provided the proposal carries a two-thirds majority vote.

Tromsø, 11 August 1999

J.E. Blake (USA), Mike Ferguson (Can), P. Aastrup (Dan), Ö. Danell (Swe) M. Nieminen (Fin), M. Magomedova (Russ), A. S. Blix (Norw).