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16th Arctic Ungulate Conference, Anchorage, May 2023

The next AUC will be arranged as a joint meeting of the North American Caribou Workshop (NACW) and Arctic Ungulate Conference (AUC) and is scheduled for May 8-12, 2023 in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

The meeting will bring together an international group of managers, researchers, Indigenous and Local Knowledge holders, and other stakeholders who want to share their knowledge of caribou, muskoxen, Dall’s sheep, moose, and reindeer. In addition to sharing research findings, the meeting seeks to bring people together to provide opportunities for exchanging viewpoints, concerns, and recommendations regarding the health, management, use, and study of these vital species.

The theme for the meeting is Crossing Boundaries. Arctic ungulates regularly cross landscape boundaries, connecting ecological processes between different systems. This mobile behavior necessitates partnerships and collaboration across management and national boundaries. An increasingly critical component of such partnerships involves crossing the boundaries of Western science and Indigenous knowledge to identify creative opportunities to manage and sustain arctic ungulate populations in a changing world.

If you are interested in suggesting symposia topics, plenary speakers, or other ideas, please send them to the organzers (

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